Whats up, we are joyful to announce that the black ops 3 ending song cheat software is lastly finished! Utilizing it, you can easlily open maximum attributes in seconds!
In addition easy to open up most of weapons, accomplishments.! This is awesome, because you do not have to play all night to un-lock these.
Our team made a fabulous custom made proxies method to be able to never ever get restricted for working with our software tool. This was requested alot this also yr we had been finally able to code black ops 3 ending song.

All BO3 Zombie Chronicles GAME OVER THEME SONGS!


  1. Dank Eisendrache :D

    I like acension

  2. Salvador Espinoza

    nacht and verruckt actually sounded like a game over song

  3. Evil Freddypower

    Kino is better and match der Untoten

  4. Evil Freddypower

    These maps are very old and now there in codbo3

  5. Who else was surprised to hear Nacht's game over dying in it for the first time?

  6. Julien Delaporte

    Kino ! The Classic.

  7. 2:20 origins the best song

  8. Giovanna Pérez Pinto

    2:21 yay origins the best song ever

  9. shagr alis hard and awesome

  10. Ascension is my favorite

  11. Eehhhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Steve Gamerps4

    Nacht der untoten is the best

  13. Kino and Shangri La
    And Verruckt are the best(in my opinion)

  14. I wish they would make five remastered for dlc6

  15. Kino der toten is the best

  16. Ascension is my favorite

  17. Bob the Pit bull

    Here's my top 4…

  18. Origins game over song <3

  19. Nacht and origin are best

  20. I just love Origins

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