Whats up, we have been happy to declare that the black ops 3 best gun ‘cheat’ program is lastly complete! From it, it is possible to discover maximum functions within a few moments!
But also simple to open all rifles, accomplishments.! That is actually good, when you do not have to play the game all day to be able to uncover those.
Our team built a fabulous customized proxies form to help you never get banned for using the product. That was asked a lot and this yr we have been finally able to code black ops 3 best gun.


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  2. What new gamemode will u be playing most when they come out?

  3. John F Kennedy

    Mines 9inc……. Oh… My sensitivity is 4.

  4. John F Kennedy

    I used to use the highest possible in bo1, bo2, mw2 now I can't play past 4 lol

  5. Jed Tuckwiller

    I could be completely wrong but it seems like the majority of people on PS4 are bad. You are a legit player and I got mad respect but every video is vs low levels. On Xbox the lobbies are all 2-7th prestigers. Keep killing it though man

  6. I use 4 sensitivity and I do pretty good

  7. Kontrol Freak recommendations for WWII ?

  8. Which scorestreaks would you recommend, and for what divisions?

  9. Steve A Bramati

    why the fuck is this video 11 minutes this could've been 2 minutes

  10. Aleksandro Soknic

    I play on 8 but i qickscopen all

  11. Jonathon Livingston

    In my opinion the BAR is probably the best weapon for all war maps except neptune

  12. Jonathon Livingston

    I usually use a 3 sensitivity for horizontal and vertical

  13. I play like everyday even after work but my sensitivity is at 4 but i still feel like i miss shots on people.. i used to play infinite warfare with a sense of 3*. But now i’m using 4 should i lower it? to 3??

  14. i been running the highest sensitivity since the WaW havent changed since n i use all classes the max sensitivity always been gud too me

  15. When I get in a gunfight I’ll get the first 3 shots on the person and somehow I still end up dying. I have primed on and everything. For some reason, no matter what gun I use it still takes 5 or more shots to kill. And when I aim at someone my aim gets off center and idk why. I need help with these issues

  16. great vid goblin

  17. I use sensivity 8

  18. What lethal/tactical grenade thing should I use ???

  19. MW3 was 7 years ago now

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