Welcome, we are now excited to say that the black ops 3 lag fix cheat program is eventually complete! Using it, you’ll find out optimum options in seconds!
It is also possible to unlock many rifles, accomplishments.! Here is really terrific, as you really don’t need to enjoy all day in order to uncover all these.
We designed a real custom made proxy form to be able to never ever get suspended for applying this technique. It was requested many this also year we have been ultimately able to code black ops 3 lag fix.


  1. Be Sure To Subscribe Guys! 😀

  2. It helped a lot but can you give me diamond guns for bo2?

  3. Here what to do if you're having the same problem and it's not fixing it when you do this tutorial, get a cable and plug it in from your router into your Xbox, this helped me a ton

  4. In my storage it says Hard Drive do i have ti delete that?

  5. Is there a way to fix the game it's not letting me go into the game for some reason

  6. what does it delete

  7. i sub and i have this problem in the games where i lag so hard then kill me before i get than

  8. Any idea how to fix for 360? I don't see the same settings?

  9. thank you it really helped

  10. I'm experiencing this right now…I looked it up to see if it was just me but no I guess….they may as well have not added it to backwards compatibility if it was gonna be this bag…constant maych disconnects,lagging and if you're on xbox one you cant receive game invites

  11. I have over 215k kills on zombies and all of it was local to 360 that's what's caused my game to lg out past round 50 espeacially origins and so thank you sooo much

  12. it didnt work..

  13. Nice bro it worked thanks ^^… U deserve more subs man can't believe there aren't more people who watch your vids.

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20