Hi all, were pleased to say our black ops 2 aimbot usb mod hacks software program is lastly complete! From it, you could open maximum options within seconds!
But also simple to unlock most of firearms, accomplishments.! That is actually incredible, when you do not should play for hours for you to unlock all these.
Our team made a new unique proxies mode to be able to in no way get banned for applying this tool. This is asked many that year we had been finally able to code black ops 2 aimbot usb mod.


  1. im Arms-_-kwii more one sub plz accept me in ps3

  2. Please mod my account it is MoDz-_-Clan12 I have shared your channel on fb and ig

  3. Angel Archuleta

    Bro ill pay u too mod my shit

  4. Do u do co host lobbies plz

  5. Are you Really Back Bro?

  6. Kevin Bonestroo

    lier It is a USB Menu 😛

  7. Remember me I'm voodomane21 from PS3

  8. Finaly u back ❤️

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20