Hi there there, we are now lucky to say our black ops 2 aimbot ban ‘cheat’ software is eventually complete! By it, you can easlily discover maximum options in seconds!
Additionally, it’s very easy to un-lock every weapons, accomplishments.! This is very amazing, when you really don’t should have fun playing all night in order to open these.
Our company conceived a good solid unique proxy method to enable you to never get restricted for applying this tool. This is wanted a lot this yr I was lastly able to code black ops 2 aimbot ban.

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    God knows how you guys are so good at these games. How do you know where the enemy is going to appear from ? You shoot round corners at the enemy as though you predicted he would be stood there. That scanner in the top left doesn't show the enemy at all times ? I noticed that there were some soldiers not showing up on it as orange dots.

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20