Hey there, I am happy to say our black ops 3 all hidden trophies ‘cheat’ technique is finally done! Utilizing it, you will find out maximum options within a few moments!
It is usually simple to open up pretty much all rifles, accomplishments.! It is basically outstanding, when you do not ever have to have fun all day for you to un-lock these.
Our team invented the unique proxies form to be able to in no way get blocked for working with this application. This is expected a lot this yr we have been ultimately able to code black ops 3 all hidden trophies.


  1. Aim higher and you will get more headshots and quicker.

  2. Christian Liguoro

    What happened last episode?

  3. Do the rocket launchers on streams away from the series and then do the rest in DMC

  4. Play with all of the guns

  5. I think you should work on the launchers a little bit on dmc and some on stream…but I really enjoyed this episode

  6. For the launchers just play dom or chaos moshpit. People abuse UAVs and care packages, especially on nuketown. I think it would be a good idea to livestream a grind with the launchers and upload it to youtube. I think that would be a good way to finish the series.

  7. Luke Musgreave

    another epic vid again

  8. Tom Davies Gaming

    just a tip. play chaos moshpit I always get nuketown

  9. hey dude love all your vids keep up the great work

  10. Niall Williams

    matt I've been subscribed to you since 500

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20