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  1. Zachary Lopez

    Scall of duty

  2. will mcnichols

    preview trailer for dlc5 dropped today had shots of Brazil dropped in it 5 points to me….

  3. R.I.G Compilations

    When does it come out for xbox

  4. Raheel Walton

    I'm wondering if it will be free for season pass owners

  5. Dalek only One thing 16 May

  6. hey bro your my fav YouTube how much us dollars is dlc5 on xbox 1 please and ty

  7. joyce cravens

    dlc 5 is coming out June 27 treyarc tweeted back at me he said dlc 5 chronicles is out on June 27 not lying if it doesn't he said they will still be working on it

  8. Esyel Lizardo

    is this a dlc or a separate game

  9. Is it free with season pass or we have to buy it

  10. Will it be available for season pass buyer's?

  11. Can we download just the DLC not the actual game


    I have said this before on every zombies youtuber's DLC 5 video but I'll say it again. IF I HAVE TO WAIT A MOTHAFUCKING MONTH FOR XBOX I WILL KILL MYSELF

  13. I just sold bo3 for a Nintendo switch

    I want to die

  14. Brian Banuelos

    If DLC 5 happens will it be available on the season pass

  15. I'm pretty sure season pass holders will get dlc 5 or zombies chronicles because if you go read the season pass description it states that you get 4 dlc packs in 2016 then said in the next sentence "plus thrilling treyarch zombies content." And both are stated separately in the description of the season pass.

  16. Someone count how many times he says official or officially

  17. if only I had a nickel for every time he said esrb in this video..

  18. Vanity_ XBuzz

    I'm so f**king confused


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