Hey all, were grateful to announce the bo3 hacks for pc ‘cheat’ program is eventually finished! Using it, you possibly can open max benefits in seconds!
But also easy to unlock every rifles, accomplishments.! It is definitely superior, when you do not should play the game all day to open all these.
Our team created a good solid unique proxy style to enable you to never ever get suspended for using this tool. It was wanted many that yr we’re lastly able to code bo3 hacks for pc.


  1. Ok wen das ein Chester ist Freaks ich nen Besen

  2. TheJasonmoretti

    problem is that this douche has no conscience and will simply get a new account and do it again…pc is easier to hack and the lobbies are smaller…and frankly speaking if im getting rekt by someone i just assume I suk and I leave lobby after a couple matches and play something they get away with it more often than not..
    also ther are very few lobbies on pc for bo3 bound to be a hacker or two

  3. Good job,is banned.

  4. Everyone can get lucky and make a kill that looks cheaty but when you only turn towards enemies and ignoring 'potential' danger zones while moving through map. Not even sound can explain that.
    His aim seems ok, I can aim like that as well when im really focused, but he is definately using some form of wall hack.

  5. how the fuck can anyone say he is not cheating..its so obvious.

  6. nice hunting nebula !!! can i join the hunt ??? :v

  7. haha he got banned

  8. Congratulations, this motherfucker was banned, thanks for report him

  9. Nebula Prophecy


  10. This video should be watched by anyone wanting to learn how to spot a cheater. Just watch it and imagine there is an overlay showing exact position of enemy and wonder how he could have otherwise known?

  11. This guy Jimmypenguin has been banned from playing BO3 so i'd say you are right to record and upload,these are the kind of people that ruin gaming for others, GG Nebula Prophecy.
    I know he's been banned cos he's on the forums crying like a baby.

  12. i dont play play cod but isnt there a perk called sixth sense?

  13. doesnt look like cheating, I think your salty

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