Hello there, we have been excited to declare that the bo2 glitches 2015 xbox 360 ‘cheat’ software tool is lastly done! Using it, you will open max benefits within seconds!
But also possible to unlock every firearms, achievements.! This is definitely impressive, when you do not need to have fun playing for many hours as a way to un-lock those.
Our company invented a good unique proxy form to enable you to do not ever get blocked to use this software. This was requested a lot and this yr we had been lastly able to code bo2 glitches 2015 xbox 360.

DIAMOND CAMO GLITCH! Still working as of Forever of 2015! Works with all consoles! Black ops 2!


  1. That no damn glitch dumbass I 1v1 u will not get kill on me

  2. I can beat you

  3. Baddestturnip19 Baddestturnip19

    My 4 year old brother can beat u

  4. EthanEville Gamer

    ATTACHEN this videos totally to kick''' if you enjoy or have a large ''''' please leave a like hope you enjoy

  5. Whos watching and already have a daimond camo on all weapons

  6. He already had fimond

  7. is there a mod that can give the diamond skin cause when I logged on I got it

  8. tht intro tho

  9. He copy a entro


  11. who cares if he's bad or not

  12. AbuHanifaMUHAMMED

    No glitch

  13. AbuHanifaMUHAMMED

    So shit

  14. intro is funny

  15. why r u moving the camera u ****

  16. PSN : ReFuSe_Storm , imma fuck u up bitch 1v1 me mfer

  17. how dis a glitch

  18. I clicked because my member is well endowed!

  19. AnthonyPlayz LITT

    That's no fucking glitch

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20