Hiya, we are grateful to declare that our black ops 3 is it coming out for ps3 ‘cheat’ tool is finally complete! By it, you can discover max characteristics within a few moments!
It’s also very easy to unlock most of firearms, accomplishments.! It is basically fabulous, because you never have to have fun playing all night to open all these.
Our team created a good solid customized proxy method to be able to in no way get banned for working with this tool. This was requested a lot which yr we had been ultimately able to code black ops 3 is it coming out for ps3.


  1. either way look if they only release it on ps3 then people will stop playing cod all together

  2. this guy needs a speech class😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Derian Martinez

    fuck u 😠

  4. GunGlitter 323

    Im only a kid and im saving up for a ps4 but im gonna get it i dont mind about this IM HYPE

  5. maybe its treyarch working on this instead of the other company that made old gen? because if it was treyarch they would have made old gen better, also treyarch didn't want to add supply drops but Activision is greedy and forced treyarch to add them

  6. Taco Tuesday Hi

    black ops 3 is not bad on the old gen im tired of hearing people complain

  7. Well it's good that they are still thinking about us

  8. do you have to pay for it? ;_;

  9. the giant easy map make more points and more level

  10. is this legit or a prank because I really want dlc for my old gen lol

  11. AlmostMLGGaming

    You never know maybe it will be good. (Said no one ever)

  12. Neo Overwatch74

    Wow they just want money

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20