Alright, I am joyful to announce that the black ops 2 prestige glitch theater ps3 cheat product is finally finished! From it, you will unlock max characteristics within a few moments!
Additionally, it’s very easy to un-lock every pistols, accomplishments.! This is very outstanding, as you don’t should play for days in order to uncover all these.
Our team designed a new custom made proxy method to be able to do not ever get blocked for using the device. It was asked a lot this also yr we’ve been lastly able to code black ops 2 prestige glitch theater ps3.

Easy Black Ops 1 Theater Prestige Glitch (Working 2015 on Xbox 360)


  1. so umm why do I have this on my ps3 and how do I use it?

  2. it works fine for me


  4. this is some bs it doesnt work

  5. can you do it on my acc on ps3

  6. DOES NOT STICK!!!!!

  7. I used to be able to do it but I stopped being able to do it at prestige 10. I have literally tried everything, any advice

  8. I can never find a fucking lobby fml !

  9. does not stick!!!!!!

  10. I can't find team tac game on ps3

  11. Once you hit 15 can you make it stay rank 50?

  12. it dosent stick thank 4 wasting 2 hours of my life i got 2 last prestige then it crashed then im back to prestige 2 wtf

  13. Yo thanks a lot dude. Look at me I am prestige 15 now

  14. when you kill yourself

  15. what happen when you dont get red text

  16. Stats got reset someone plz help me i cant play anymore

  17. Does it stay

  18. xbox one has given this glitch life again

  19. does this work on xbox one?

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20