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How to Download Call of Duty Black Ops 1 on Xbox One (Black Ops 1 Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)


  1. Omg my first call of duty's back!

  2. does it work on Xbox one s? from the 360 game?

  3. i dont have a 360

  4. i cant buy the fucking game on the market of xbox, it said error every time

  5. Black ops wont work on my xbox one disc version or on the store what a waste of my time

  6. Mine says bundle only and then nothing shows up

  7. the price is $30 now

  8. Its $29.99 🙁

  9. Great video bro. I posted this too but not nearly as great as yours. Just found yours right now

  10. TheBlueKnightz

    What a waste of my FUCKING TIME!

  11. hay dude i went on and it woudnt let me buy bo1 what should i do


  13. I have it downloaded on 360 but it hasn't came up on xb1 please help

  14. He sounds like FaZe Blaziken

  15. UnaGize_LoL Haha

    I already have the game on xbox 360 and it keeps saying : buy on xbox 360 or

  16. J's Revenge Gaming

    Thank you for this. I had the disc, but my friend was trying to figure this out so I sent the link.

  17. If i have it downloaded already on the 360 can i get it for the one?

  18. I only have the disk on Xbox 360 do I put it in then I can download it?

  19. I have a $25 Xbox card but when I try to buy it on the site it's saying I need a credit card

  20. when i try to buy it on it says i cannot purchase it because my qccount doesnt have this ability or somthing along those lines and i sold my xbox 360 about a year and a half ago and sold my black ops one disk with it help please

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