Hello there, we are now excited to say that the black ops 3 in the making hacks program is lastly completed! By using it, you are able to find out max abilities within a few moments!
But also easy to unlock most guns, achievements.! This is very awesome, once you never need to play the game all night as a way to open those.
We invented the custom proxies mode to be able to in no way get suspended for working with the software program. This was asked alot this also yr we’re lastly able to code black ops 3 in the making.



  1. Must watch after this one… ► Some UNDENIABLE Evidence that suggests DLC 5 ►

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  2. I want origins to be remastered

  3. I really hope it happens, id love many more remastered maps, i play splitscreen with friends when there round on my pc

  4. I thought there were only gonna be 6 comics?!

  5. Compilation channel

    If there is seven comic books aren't we gonna get seven remastered maps for zombies?🤔

  6. you can not completely trust the gaming revolution because he has been wrong in the past. yes he did predict gorod zrovi but that doesnt mean you can believe him. i do want dlc 5 but i just want you to be aware if it doesnt happen

  7. I do believe in DLC 5. But people will be hella disappointed if it doesn't come

  8. Do you think that they will remaster the guns too? Like would we have the Blundergat again in origins? I mean shoot at least the wonder weapons? Or will it just all be BO3 weapons?..🤔

  9. Der Eisengiraffe..

  10. If there was no Dlc 5 Treyarch would have said it's not happening along time ago because they wouldn't let us get this hype over something that's not gonna happen they like to troll but not that bad

  11. Honestly, I think a big piece of proof is that all the zombies youtubers started streaming the older maps as soon as dlc 5 info blew up, and I think they're doing this just bc they can't actually tell us if it's coming out but they know…

  12. How can u be so sure ?

  13. no kino…well f*** man 🙁

  14. Eh, makes sense, treyarch must embrace the meme

  15. samantha gobble gums pretty much confirms it so bait

  16. I believe! Gobblegums? And the origanil ee? What do u think Skizzle?!

  17. Emilia Legorreta

    The hype is back ayyy

  18. mangoose gaming

    I belive in DLC 5 i think i know what you guys mean by the "source" of info nice to see they can remaster them

  19. PenguRaid :'D

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