This afternoon, our group show a black ops stats hack which runs with Android mobile phone or iOS iphone devices.
The black ops stats hack application are generally studied for a few days period on the private hosting servers to test out the opportunity to increase resources , some of ‘beta’ testers were by using this black ops stats hack for a few days period – now we have agreed it really is a great period start black ops stats .
black ops stats is really user-friendly and uncomplicated, malware completely free, safe and also good with anti- banned from the game method.
This particular hack regularly getting renovated by staff members, every black ops stats hack produces a totally new update we’re going follow also upgrade a hack therefore all operates very well


1.When you download black ops stats , unzip that from archive.
2.start black ops stats on your computer.
3.Edit the values.
4.Press Generate to begin adding those items in your game.


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  2. Below Average Gamer

    Bro, you take HIS rush route… He dont take yours, thats his

  3. Why are u so annoying to listen to? U talk every fucking second

  4. How do you screen record bo3?

  5. xShOoT2KiLL V3x

    It's your average sweaty fag. Uses the best guns in the game so his KD don't mean shit. Marksman uses melee weapons and slays this sweaty bitch can't beat anyone without a 6 man or bum ass classes.

  6. I don’t think kids understand how easy it is to get a high win loss in search playing in 5 mans and a 3 k/d isn’t crazy. Been doing it since bo2

  7. I fucks with you son. No sleep leak at the end was a great touch too brotha

  8. he dashboards

  9. my top weapon is Locus

  10. Lol zues and marksman try hard, you can clearly see that Ammo isn't trying that hard and still doing good

  11. Hes got a very good W/L!
    Im chuffed with my 153 SnD spm now

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  13. I just realized I got into a game with Ammo last summer and didn't think anything of it.

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  17. He bad he dasboards I play he 5 man

  18. react to gun me bro snd with over an 8.0

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