Welcome, we’re glad to declare the black ops 3 game modes hack technique is eventually finished! By using it, it is easy to find out optimum benefits in seconds!
Additionally possible to open many firearms, accomplishments.! It is absolutely superb, because you don’t need to play for many hours as a way to un-lock these.
Our organization conceived a custom made proxies mode to enable you to in no way get banned to use our product. That was expected a lot this also yr we have been finally able to code black ops 3 game modes.


  1. DROP A LIKE! <3


  3. They should add and buff scorestreaks

  4. Bo1 did not have one in chamber

  5. I hope they add Hardcore Moshpit

  6. Does it fix error codes 5 and 1? Anybody know bc I haven’t been able to play for 5 days

  7. Use the Garand pleb

  8. We need ground war and mosh pit

  9. Bring back cod4 headquarters

  10. They must add a gamemode like search and destroy, but with hostages…

    Or a new tdm map on the sea with more boats… (uss texas but better)

  11. Hey goblin need advice I use the bar, stg type 100 and ppsh but I lose a lot of gun fights is their a way to fix this

  12. Nice to see that no one was in the glitch spot!!

  13. I used to play so much gun game, sticks and stones, and one in the chamber. BO1 was awesome…

  14. Well I’m still fucking getting error code 5. Fuck this company

  15. Be cool if they brand back Cranked game mode

  16. Nice video man. I watch the full vid and drop likes on every single video you drop. You are one of the few yourubers that really motivated me to start a channel and start uploading. I don’t have the best channel by any means but I’m gunna try to make it dope over time

  17. Great video!

  18. Infected HypeZzZ !!!

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20