Hiya, I am glad to declare that our black ops 3 default controls hack tool is lastly done! Utilizing it, you’re able to discover max functions within a few moments!
In addition easy to open up all of the pistols, achievements.! It is absolutely perfect, because you do not ever need to play the game all day in order to unlock all these.
Our team developed a good solid unique proxies mode in order to in no way get restricted to use our technique. This was asked many this also year we’re ultimately able to code black ops 3 default controls.


  1. That Surge thing looks like Wonderwaffe DG2

  2. Jason Dehideniya

    hype confirmed

  3. this so cool

  4. Terminator the game! lol can't wait

  5. i guess i am the only one here that didn't like it

  6. Martín Alejandro Ontiveros Bobadilla

    It's fine real fine

  7. This game is gonna fail like ghost

  8. Call of Duty Play


  9. Good shit, but why aren't the other 3 being shown off? Want to keep the surprise on how they look?

  10. WeedsePoentah - Clash Royale

    im kinda confused buth ill learn when i play

  11. Darwin Sánchez

    I'm so exited I can't wait for call of duty black ops 3 bo3 November 6

  12. ñe ñe ñe HIPEEEEEEE :C

  13. Anyone else the the livestream thats now privated? It was good.

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Black ops mod menu updated 2017-11-20