Alright, I am happy to announce our black ops 3 ita trailer hacks technique is finally complete! Utilizing it, you can easily open max functions within a few moments!
Additionally easy to un-lock every rifles, achievements.! Here really is perfect, because you never should enjoy for many hours if you want to open those.
Our team built a fabulous custom made proxy method so that you can in no way get forbidden to use the technique. That was wanted a lot that year we had been finally able to code black ops 3 ita trailer.


  1. Bryan Valentin


  2. Zetsubou No Shima.

  3. 1:02 didnt know takeo can talk as dempsey

  4. 1:01 lol I love how Dempsey talks bit it’s Takeos arms then you see Dempsey on the left a second later lol 😂

  5. I got this for free somehow

  6. 1:04 Does anyone know the name of this song? Sounds badass AF

  7. Endey TheEnderman

    Pvsz 5 confirmed

  8. the only problem with ZNS is that you HAVE to use gobblegums for everything. This map is one of my favourites in Bo3 apart from that

  9. UnderCover _Gamer

    So if u think about this u get Richthofen getting a German map der eisendrache ,Takeo getting a Japanese map zetsubou no shima, Nikolai getting a Russian map Gorod Krovi and Dempsey getting an American map revelations

  10. this is how sausege is made

  11. this is how sausage is made

  12. YoloJoeTheBro347


  13. When yo homie don't swallow

    I kinda liked zetsubou and no I'm not autistic i think

  14. even after a year, not a single youtuber called the fan trap "Massive jet gun"

  15. What is the song in this trailer cuz when jug is downed and the marshals were fired I was head banging

  16. Thomas The Dank Engine

    1:01 But that's Takeo's hand model…

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