Hi there there, we are now lucky to say that our pirate perfection not working cheat tool is eventually finished! By it, it is possible to discover maximum functions within a few moments!
It’s also very easy to open up virtually all guns, achievements.! That is basically fabulous, as you do not have to enjoy all day in order to un-lock all these.
Our team developed a real customized proxies mode to enable you to never ever get blacklisted for working with our device. That was asked alot this year we had been ultimately able to code pirate perfection not working.


  1. the trainer got a big update and dont work without the hotfix. get it here and install it just like the trainer. thank me later. 🙂

  2. i pressed F1 and it didnt open the manu

  3. when I launch the game it show nothing

  4. I cannot open with numpad anymore :/

  5. I have installed and dragged everything to the folder. But when I open Payday2 it wont do anything when I press num 1

  6. Downloaded it and nothing is coming up ingame?

  7. I apologize for another few weeks of inactivity, I'll be answering as many questions right now!

  8. I did all the stuff u show here :/ still not working… btw i dont get to show me up that window i have a blt mod.
    Can u help me plsss?? :'(

  9. Sorry for the inactivity, I'll be answering in a few hours so ask any questions here

  10. i installed the hacks and they work and stuff because i got all the dlc stuff but when i try to open up the hacks they won't work help a nibba out won't ye

  11. well i have problem i did everythin you did but i cant start game

  12. can u help me i followed every step but when i was passing the mods to the payday i got an error saying this system cannot find this file specified

  13. last time I installed p3d do I put pirate perfection ???

  14. thank you for the help

  15. LightningKidGaming

    I got a crack for the premium version of PPR

  16. instale el mod y no me abre el payday2

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