Heya, we’re thrilled to announce our black ops 3 gamespot ‘cheat’ technique is eventually complete! By using it, you will unlock maximum features within seconds!
Additionally possible to find out all of the weapons, accomplishments.! This really is impressive, once you don’t have to play all night to be able to open these.
We developed a real unique proxy method in order to do not ever get blocked for applying this technique. This was expected a lot and this year we’ve been finally able to code black ops 3 gamespot.

Pros Play Uplink on Evac at Gamescom 2015 - Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Round 3 of 3)


  1. You call this a competition i have a video on my channel 2-10 deficit in uplink i joined late in the second half and took the dub this is shit no offense i deserve to be there

  2. whats Censor's real name???

  3. their are playing PS4 right

  4. Omg CoD commentators saying OBJ… He don't even playbasketball 😂

  5. Phillippine Politics,Defense and Economy

    cod community is pathetic.

  6. that voice glitch is annoying af

  7. Why didn't any of them choose kinetic armor!? It's insanely good you get 350 health or something like that.

  8. dose any body else agree with me censor is bae lol

  9. right off the rip

  10. idk if it was Censor? but he needs to put his dick in my mouth

  11. Flex got smoked this game

  12. We want a remastered Cod4, MW2 and WaW. Even if you released the games individually, we would all buy them and you would make a shit load of money thanks to all the restored interest the franchise has been losing over the years. It would then provide an excellent opportunity to release WaW2 and MW4, both of which the fans have been asking for. Developers win, shareholders win and the fans win.

  13. Are those PS4 scufs with normal thumbsticks or actually DualShock 4's?

  14. This looks just like advance warfare, so disappointed

  15. wait.

    so there are ACTUALLY people who hate cod and have no intention of buying cod, clicking on this video JUST SO that they can leave hate comments, saying this game is for kids?!

    hello? do they realize how immature they are being by doing that? simply ironic.

  16. You can see people through walls !! What! 👎🏼

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