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  1. Yo i kinda think that Rictofen is kinda like Rick from Rick and morty

  2. jackson tappo

    So its a cycle the people will cause zombies and the four charaters will dress up like they looked like in origins and the story geos from there on into a endless cycle wow

  3. The alternate ending would be Nickali and Takeo killing Monty.

  4. So is the storyline over?

  5. Jrgothatswag 21

    i wish the final map was all the zombies maps and characters combined in some way i thought the would be the coolest thing ever

  6. So is zombies just samantha playing with dolls or is this actually happened??

  7. BobRossTheBoss

    I feel like now we go back to the anchients' times and we get to use the original staffs.

  8. sigh only if the tranzit crew could see this moment seeing their world perfect and live a normal life

  9. I'm from Iowa

  10. Kytails Is Legit 1234

    why do they go back in time to the medieval ages

  11. Richard The Parachute Ninja

    Do you guys think that treyarch ever thought that zombies would become as big as it is today

  12. revalations is basically the end of a 8 or 9 year long movie that is bo1 2 and 3?

  13. Toasterman strikes back

    So what the fuck happened to Samantha

  14. Eekblorg Destroyer of Worlds

    The cycle isn't supposed to be broken. Monty sends them to relive the events of the storyline in a cycle that's separate from everything else, as punishment for messing everything up in the first place. Just like Mob of the dead.

  15. How come you sound like Philip Gallagher from shameless😂

  16. DreamWeaver Studios

    Why does Richthofen have a green staff

  17. Black ops 3 zombies storyline sucked anal beads

  18. Anyone else go back and redo the easter eggs in every game after completing this?

  19. Monty is who is fucking making up these Zombies stories. Finally, ends it with an awesome ending 😀

  20. what about Samantha & agartha

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