Hey there, I am excited to say our black ops 3 graphics hack software tool is lastly complete! From it, it’s possible to unlock optimum abilities in seconds!
In addition easy to un-lock all of the rifles, achievements.! That is absolutely awesome, when you do not ever have to have fun playing for hours in order to un-lock those.
We all invented a custom made proxy style so that you can do not ever get blocked to use the product. This was requested a lot and this year we’ve been finally able to code black ops 3 graphics.

Which BO2 Looks Better?! Black Ops 2 Backwards Compatible Graphics Comparison Xbox One vs Xbox 360


  1. on Xbox one is 16 gb, for the 360 its 7.9 gb.

  2. Remco Kroon

    they should put the texture high :/

  3. Chester Dela Rosa

    who still got 360

  4. Chester Dela Rosa

    why xbox 360 is good grap than xo

  5. Mekhai Lipscombe

    Those cars thoe

  6. Sakirini Ritsuen

    why are the pictures shrunk what are you recording with

  7. Edmundo studios

    I find it lags on some mp maps

  8. Infinity Ward

    xbox sucks overall

  9. Elijah Hutchison

    Great video. Do you think I will have any issues getting shotguns since I have over 5000 downs? Back in black ops 2 I was not as good I'm better now so I will be able to get high rounds I just don't know if it's possible or how long it will take with that many downs.Thanks man ur awesome

  10. at least there is 60FPS on the Xbox one

  11. darthzombie27

    Nice job watching small youtubers gives me confidence to make videos even though I don't have a lot of subs thank u

  12. Assassin's Creed syndicate

    I wanna play this again

  13. another reason i want to get a pc master race , im pretty sure the ps4 can handle to run bo2 no problem , that bullshit

  14. Colored Pencils

    i think advanced warfare is better

  15. Thunder Wing

    do you have to have the disc to play or can you buy it on Xbox shop?

  16. James Lamp III

    With Buried you showed 2 completely different pictures, wtf why?

  17. giovanii rios

    It doesn't show my dlcs

  18. Rewind Remix NCS

    hey, lovely vid

  19. Superior Ghost

    good video

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