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  1. Brady Turner

    In call of the dead

  2. Brady Turner

    Do double rat gun vs George

  3. Did this guy lose his voice box or something? He used to talk alot.

  4. Fernando Maldonadogarcia


  5. how mutch this dlc cost

  6. sargeant sparklz

    relaxing do ever have bad days where you cant stay alive

  7. Widow's Wine

    Next time don't forget to buy me Relaxing

  8. Wow that ending made watching the entire thing worth it! OMG lol

  9. I just love how Relaxing takes all the nonsense of public games in stride

  10. AWKWARD!! omg that guy was too funny xx

  11. The black ops PAP camo in chronicles looks like shit tbh. In the original black ops 1 the camo would sparkle alot more.

  12. Sitting here waiting for the 1080p60fps render because I haven't gotten Chronicles for pc yet and all I want is my Shi No Numa and Origins at 120 FOV
    I understand why, but I wish Chronicles was in the season pass. I would be dying on round 6 like i did the first time i played on kino. 🙂

  13. TheDongHerOn

    that poor guy, didin't know what's coming for him, well you gotta learn the basics before throwing you're self in the battle field or in this case the zombie's field ;D

  14. I'm early let me think of a joke Deadshot on pc

  15. Josue muños

    mother love mon love father love therelaxingend love

  16. Why the fucks On earths name do u need a god damn FUCKIN FRAME COUNTER, I DON'T FIVE A FUCK HOW MANY FPS U GET

  17. xXMLGSpongebobQuickScope1vs1YouAreSoIzi

    Can I ask something because I want to buy bo3 when I buy it how many maps zombies I will have ?

  18. StormBreaker ll

    Round 104 solo on ascension for my first try <3

  19. how you know the pc zombies communities is small when you see someone you played with in a public match on a youtuber's stream

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